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Eagle Gaming

Eagle Micro- 14th Gen Intel 14400F, 4060ti, 16gb, 1TB

Eagle Micro- 14th Gen Intel 14400F, 4060ti, 16gb, 1TB

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Experience ultimate gaming performance with the Eagle Micro, powered by the 14th Gen Intel 14400F processor and 4060ti graphics card. With 16gb of RAM and 1TB of storage, this ultra-compact gaming computer offers unbeatable value without compromising on quality. Elevate your gaming experience with Eagle Gaming.

InWin A1 Prime RGB Mini-ITX Ultra-compact gaming case (343x210x231mm)
700 Watt Gold-rate PSU
NVidia RTX 4060-TI 8GB Graphics card
Crucial P3 Plus Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSD hard disk drive
Gigabute B760i Aorus Pro D4 LGA 1700 Mini-ITX Motherboard
G.Skill 16GB PC3200MHz SD Ram
Intel Core i5-14400F 10 core 14th Generation CPU
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM

Note- Eagle Gaming may from time to time substitute component brands in times of limited availability. We will always utilise an equivalent or better product if this occurs.

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