About Us

Welcome to Eagle Gaming – where gaming passion meets expertise, and every computer is crafted with care and dedication!

Our journey began in 1994, a tale spun from the threads of youthful curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit. As I started building PCs for clients of my father's confectionary wholesale business during high school, little did I know that those humble beginnings would ignite a lifelong passion for gaming rigs. From scraping together funds to buy my first car (a trusty Mitsubishi L300 express van!) to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IT roles, including a six-year stint at Harvey Norman, the allure of gaming computers remained steadfast.

Through the years, amidst the hustle and bustle of corporate endeavors, one thing remained constant: my unwavering commitment to building high-quality, custom gaming computers. Now, from my home workshop on Nicholson Avenue in Salisbury, I've transformed that passion into a "side hustle," dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming experiences to our local community.

At Eagle Gaming, we're driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Each computer undergoes meticulous testing to ensure not just performance, but perfection – all backed by a solid 2-year warranty. We understand that gaming is about more than just hardware; it's about the thrill of the adventure, the camaraderie of the community, and the immersive experience that transcends pixels and screens. That's why we handpick the finest components, meticulously assemble each rig, and stand by our commitment to quality at every step.

Whether you're exploring our pre-configured Intel and AMD models or seeking a bespoke solution tailored to your unique needs, you can trust Eagle Gaming to deliver. And should you have any questions or specific requirements, our friendly team is always here to help – because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Please note: As a small operation, we're currently not registered for GST. However, our pricing reflects our unwavering commitment to providing unbeatable value and uncompromising quality. Eagle Gaming is a trading name under the Trustee for Blackbird Salisbury Trust – a nod to our shared love for these majestic creatures. Join us on this journey and experience gaming like never before. Welcome to Eagle Gaming – where every adventure begins with a click!